Tattoo Ink A Look Inside The World Of Tattooing

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To tattoo or not to tattoo? Is there really a question anymore? It is estimated that one in seven or about 39 million North American people have at least one tattoo. Imagine if the whole world population were considered. The results would be staggering! Staggering it is anyway in this documentary of full body skin art! The world of tattoos is a sub-culture phenomenon. The wide variety of different styles makes this craze a limitless source of personal style and creativity. This documentary explores the past time that seems to grow with every passing minute. With inside looks into feature events and conventions and its colourful devoted followers. From the buzz of the needle to the wild antics of tat wearin characters this DVD explodes with character. 1. Opening Montage 2. To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo 3. Thoughts And Tools Of The Trade 4. Macabre 5. Tell Us Something Funny 6. Jail Tattoos 7. What Are Your Thoughts 8. What About Darlene? 9. Covention 10. Closing Credits

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