Complete Tattoo Starter Kit 1 Power Guns Ink Skins Tips

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Complete Tattoo Starter Kit. This includes everything you need to get you going! (Question) How much do people pay for a basic tattoo? (Answer) The average price is between £50-£100 for a small basic tattoo. A complex design will cost you hundreds of pounds. This will pay for itself in no time at all. You could be in profit after just 1 or 2 tattoos!! Start your Tattoo business now! Make serious money! This Starter Kit Contains: 2 Professional Tattoo Guns (which can be set for both liner & shader) may vary in colour and design from the photo. 2 Tattoo Grips. Stainless Steel Tips in different sizes. 1 Top quality professional power supply system. 1 Clip Cord. 1 Heavy duty Foot switch. Disposable tips. 3 bottles of different colour tattoo inks. 1 Ink holder. Bag of Ink cups. Bag of Grommets. Bag of Rubber bands. Bag of Rubber O-Rings. 1 Tattoo Practice Skin. 1 Tattoo Apron. 1 Tattoo Arm Sleeve Protector. Pair of Black Tattoo Gloves. Tattoo Aftercare Ointment. Tip Cleaning Brushes. Skin Marking Pen.

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